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the Benefits Honey For Health

Nature has made it easier to make honey as a man with a panacea, and in fact if the honey does not / can not cure the illness is nothing that human stupidity is only in the ways of consumption and ways of life of honey. Nature has made it easier to make honey also exist in almost every region on earth. Honey is so beneficial to human health and… Read Article →

Benefits Of Honey

Honey is a golden colored liquid that is quite thick, which is produced by bees honey with a distinctive sweet taste. The process of making honey begins when the bees collect flower nectar in their mouths. This nectar then mixes with special enzymes in the saliva of bees, this chemical process and then turn it into honey. Bees store honey flower nectars that have been processed in the body into… Read Article →

What is Medicine of Herbal?

  Medicine of Herbal are drugs that are Herbal cultivated and passed down from generation to generation. Generally, Medicine of Herbal is based on ancestral recipes, customs, beliefs, or local custom. According to the present research, Medicine of Herbal is beneficial for health, and has intensified its use because it is easier to reach the community, both price and availability. Several types of Medicine Of Herbal is expected to help… Read Article →

Tips Overcome Menstrual Pain

For women, menstrual pain can be excruciating. Feeling restless and want to get angry luggage hold. Do not worry, I love herbal recipes for women who feel pain during menstruation. Overcome all that with effective ingredients of saffron material. Peel, wash and slice lengthwise 3 fingers of turmeric. Furthermore, brewed with hot water and add tamarind and brown sugar until sweet sour taste. This herb can help smooth and reduce… Read Article →

Healthty, Circulation of Blood

Generally disorders or deseases a person can come from outside and inside. From the outside for example: due to falls, accidents, poisoning, shock, punctured and others. temporary disruption from inside are the partly chaotic thoughts and emotions. Both interference from outside or from within it causes disruption of blood circulation, or even the blood circulation could be messed up to cause chemical changes in the body. The key to human… Read Article →