Monthly Archives: July 2011

Due From Sitting Too Long.. T.T

“People who spend most of their days sitting are more likely fat, prone to heart attacks and even death,” reported the Associated Press. waw too horrified that I just know¬† if we sit too long we could be vulnerable to illness of heart,,, wah wah wah almost every day when I sit down almost 8 hours more,,,, Genes that regulate glucose and fat in the body begins to stop working… Read Article →

Inner Beauty :D

Every woman must always yearned for beauty and will strive to attain, even those willing to sacrifice to do everything to turn himself in imitation of the real beauty is only temporary and can disappear in an instant. But did you know that real beauty? Intrinsic beauty is the beauty will be personality, both of which emanated from the heart, mind, and the doings that reflect the elegance of a… Read Article →