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Benefit Lavender as Medicine Of Herbal

What is the benefit of Lavender?

Lavender is a name of a plant and widely used to formulate a medicine of herbal as
it contains many beneficial ingredients. Certain parts of Lavender that are commonly
used are the oil and the flower. The well known functions of Lavender are it is possible
to treat many diseases and illness such as depression, insomnia (sleeping routine
trouble), anxiety (restlessness or impatience), and turmoil. There are also many kinds
of metabolisms or digestive problems can be treated by Lavender such as vomiting, lost
of appetite, nausea, flatulence, etc. Other kind of health complains can be healed by
the use of Lavender are headache, sores, gore, and nerve pain. Lavender also works to
remove acne, treat cancer, and helps women with their menstruation cycle.

Lavender is also applicable to be used directly to the skin to reduce hair loss, and repel
insects such as mosquitoes. Through inhalation Lavender is useful as aromatherapy to
treat insomnia, and dementia.

In manufacturing process, Lavender is widely used as an ingredient to produce
fragrance for soap, perfume, and cosmetics. Some manufacturers even use the plant
for food’s flavor material.

The medicine of herbal extract from Lavender:

The scientific name for Lavender is Lavandula angustifolia. The plant is usually
contaminated with some other plants from the related species including Lavandula
hybrid which is a combination of other two related plants, Lavandula angustifolia and
Lavandula latifolia. The combination produces Lavandin oil.

The Lavandin oil contained in the plant is effectively used for relaxing muscles and
gives a sedating effect.

It has to be remembered that Lavandin oil is merely an ingredients from many possible
medicine of herbal formulas can be created. The insufficient or too much amount can
possible dangerous. The improper use including consumption by mouth can cause
headache, and increases appetite.

There is an evidence that Lavender (Lavandin oil) can be effectively reduce hair loss
when the extract is combined with the oil taken from cedar wood, thyme, and rosemary.
This combination can even increase hair growth up to 44 percents after 7 months of
proper treatments.

Lavandin oil is indeed effective for repel insects including mosquitoes, but the improper
amount of usage cause another problem instead. Lavender is possibly to be applied
directly to the skin. However, the wrong amount and incorrect combination can cause

Safety concern when applying Lavender as an ingredient for medicine
of herbal

There are some kind of medical precautions should be carefully regulated concerning
the use of lavender as one medicine of herbal plants. Some medicine of herbal plants
are lack of evidence whether or not they are effectively treating health disorder or give
dangerous effect instead.

For children, applying Lavender directly to the skin may cause hormonal disorder.
Lavender contains oil that may disrupt the normal growth of a boy’s hormonal system.
There are some cases showing that the use of Lavender can cause an abnormal growth
of breast in boys, the hormonal disorder is called gynecomastia. Therefore, Lavender
should be carefully applied for young boys who have not reached their puberty yet.
There is not enough facts that shows Lavender can either useful or dangerous when
applied for young girls.

The same case happens with expecting mothers or breast feeding women. In both
conditions, Lavender has not enough proven facts that it is useful or give dangerous
effects to the body and the baby growths.

People who have been scheduled for surgery should avoid the use of Lavender in
approximately (appropriate amount of time based on the doctor’s suggestion) two
weeks. The Lavandin oil has been proven that I might slow down the response of the
central nervous system. During or after surgery the use of Lavender as medicine of
herbal will be contaminated with the medications given by the doctors which is likely to
slow down nervous system too much.