Benefits of Young Coconut

Besides the refreshing taste, young coconut water has plenty of Health benefits. Some people use it to overcome the nausea and vomiting, often used to replace plasma in a blood transfusion during World War II. The content of minerals and electrolytes in coconut water is very diverse ranging from calcium, potassium to magnesium. When coconuts are getting old, it’s a lot of minerals absorbed to harden the white coconut meat so that its effect is reduced.
Quoted from Healthmad, Here Some Benefits From young coconut water for Health :

1. Maintain electrolyte balance:
Young coconut water is an isotonic fluid, so it can replace the minerals and electrolytes lost along with body fluids. Even the world food organization or the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) have been researching and trying to patent the young coconut water as isotonic drinks.

2. Overcoming urinary disorders:
A variety of urinary tract disorders can be overcome with young coconut water, including polyuria (frequent urination), stranguria (difficulty urinating) and others. The effect on each individual can vary depending on the cause and severity.

3. Break up kidney stones:
In addition to taking drugs from doctors, patients often combine kidney stones by drinking coconut water. The effect of plaque or the crust that formed in the kidney is more easily softened dn issued with urine.

4. Killing the worms in the intestine:
There is a myth that says if it is too stout to eat coconuts can cause pinworm infections, but can never be proven scientifically. Precisely mixed drink young coconut water 1 teaspoon olive oil 3 times a day can eradicate pinworms from the gut.

5. Blood plasma substitute:
The chemical composition of coconut water is almost identical to blood plasma so it is easy to be transfused. In emergency situations, especially during World War II, young coconut water is often transfused to a dying soldier when blood plasma assistance is yet to come.

6. anti-germ:
Not many studies that prove this, but some experts believe coconut water a powerful and various microorganisms get rid of virus pathogens (disease-causing). The content of monolaurin in it are believed to potent killing the flu virus, herpes and even HIV.

7. Overcome the nausea and vomiting:
Motion sickness and various diseases such as malaria, typhoid and dengue fever can trigger symptoms of nausea and vomiting. To resolve this, drink coconut water can help neutralize stomach conditions, thereby reducing the symptoms.

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