Do you know About Parkinson’s?

Parkinsonism or symptoms that lead to Parkinson’s is characterized by the presence of tremors / shaking, especially on the hands, rigidity or stiffness, difficulty moving, and loss of postural reflexes (this is why a patient with Parkinson’s easy to fall).

If occur the symptoms are minimal, for example, only a tremor in one hand, is often asked whether I was suffering from Parkinson’s? The answer is not necessarily, at this early stage we must first convince, because there are many causes of complaint in the hands tremble. For example: psychological factors, excess thyroid hormone or the presence of renal impairment. Onset incidence of tremor or shaking hands alone must be considered. For example: shaking that arise on one hand and suddenly arise must be considered whether the existence of a stroke?. At this early stage of a person should consult a nerve specialist to conduct further tests are needed to further confirm the diagnosis. Illustrative case examples that can be used as illustration: the case of I, a mother aged 50 years, rigid when walking and the incidence of tremor in the hands of an increasingly severe within a period of 4 months: as it happened pretty fast onset then performed MRI of the head, brain tumors were obtained !.

Keep in mind that the diagnosis of Parkinson’s is based on symptoms rather than solely from MRI or CT scan. After ascertainment of the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease often I tell patientsĀ  in order to do not panic or stress, try to relax, because anxiety is not helping the process of healing, even add stiffness and trembling hands. It will take a long time. Most importantly we must convince ourselves, always give a positive response to our body.

What is the most effective therapy? Today many therapies that can be used for the treatment of Parkinson’s, but most importantly also is physical therapy. In Parkinson’s the main problem is muscle and muscle stiffness, so it’s muscle train, by foot was actually enough, morning walk just 30 minutes, while moving the hands greatly help reduce stiffness, can also perform range of motion exercises including aerobics, but at an advanced stage can do the Parkinson’s gymnastics (at this time can be searched online and free range Parkinson’s gymnastics). Physical therapy is very important in the management of Parkinson’s.

Often a question in the early stages of disease is when I should take medicine Parkinson’s? It is better to take medicine when symptoms of Parkinson’s is caused disruption of daily activities. Starting with a low dose first and then increased slowly. Every Parkinson’s drugs there are advantages and disadvantages and this is what you discuss with your doctor. Ways must also be known to drink properly, otherwise the drug will not work effectively. Like for example: Madopar is a drug which should be taken before meals or on an empty stomach, as if in unison with foods that contain protein will reduce its effectiveness.

Is there anything important about the food that must be considered in Parkinson? The answer is Yes. In patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease often malnutrition. Some things that cause this is a trembling, took up a lot of calories, stiffness in muscles caused swallowing difficulty in swallowing food properly, there is also an autonomous disturbance in Parkinson’s that causes delayed gastric emptying or difficult bowel movements.

Often occurs depression in Parkinson’sĀ  and this also led to diminished desire to eat. Become a variety of things to consider like: try a varied diet, soft foods that are easily digested and high in fiber to help overcome obstipation.

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