Due From Sitting Too Long.. T.T

“People who spend most of their days sitting are more likely fat, prone to heart attacks and even death,” reported the Associated Press.
waw too horrified that I just know  if we sit too long we could be vulnerable to illness of heart,,, wah wah wah almost every day when I sit down almost 8 hours more,,,,
Genes that regulate glucose and fat in the body begins to stop working … then it’s the cause why we are vulnerable to heart disease taxable if we sit too long,,, ihhhhhhhh(horrible) T.T.

Everyone must have experienced sitting for along time, there are 4 hours, 6 hours, or until 24 hours full time, from adults to little kids must have experienced it

There are some negative impact if we sit too long in addition to heart:

1. Sitting Too Long Trigger Diabetes
2. Sitting Too Long Accelerate Death
3. At risk of suffering from obesity ,etc

A recent study states that people are more likely to die if it spent more time in sitting down than those who rarely sit down.
In a study conducted for 14 years, people who spend at least as long as six hours a day to sit, were more likely to die than people who just spent three hours a day to sit down.

Research conducted by ACS epidemiologist Alpa V. Patel, PhD and colleagues revealed that people who spend their time sitting have a higher death rate than people who more often perform the activity without sitting.(Wek How about me??8 hours a day..sob).

Here are the results of research for people who spend three hours to sit:
1. Improving mortality of about 40% for women.
2. Improve mortality about 20% for men.

Then the results of research for people who spend six hours to sit:
1. Improving mortality of about 94% for women
2. Improving mortality of about 48% for men

Now let’s we subtract the long sit.
well at least with the often perform activities without having to sit, like jogging, or walking path sich essentially do lazy to move . if indeed we have achieved we should really just do not sit well for too long..

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