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Eleminating Depression With Watching Movies

Laughing, sad, inspired or thought, maybe you can encounter after finished watching film. Without realized, watching movies display a remarkable effect for the personality of many people.

watching movie

This was later developed by Gary Solomon, MPH, MSW, Ph.D., “Father of Cinematherapy” otherwise known as “Movie Doctor”. He developed a method of therapy by utilizing the transformational power of a particular film.

The film used to make a better person and be inspired to solve the problem. Doctorates Solomon found, even people who are not in therapy with a psychologist, can benefit from watching the movie related with their psychological condition

By watching the movie alone, you can freely scream, cry, laugh or be thoughtful without fear or worry interfere with the assessment of people. many films that could be an inspiration way concerned with different problems in life.

As a psychotherapist, DR, Solomon also gave the recipe on his patients. However, the recipe that he gave not contain the name of the drug. But titles of movie depend patient’s psychological condition.

“Movies have a tremendous positive effect”, He said. When watching a movie, usually we’ll feel like a character in the story. After watching, the solution in the film is conveyed through the characters, without realizing It can reduce feelings of depression

The point of this therapy is to choose the movie according to the problem you are experiencing. for example, recommends DR.Solomon film ‘War of the roses’ and ‘Way We Were’, for those of you who have problems of divorce. Then, for those who are broken up, watching the movie ’500 Days of Summer ‘, is the best choice