Health Treatment by Medicines of Herbal

What is the definition of the Medicine of herbal?

The medicine of herbal is another form of healing formulas by using the benefits of
natural plants in the forms of raw herbs, herbal extracts or supplements which are
provided by the nature for human beings to heal many kinds of illness, get rid of many
diseases, to maintain the perfect body condition, improve fitness, maintain a strong
immunity systems and to improve a lot of organs’ functions. Almost all parts of certain
plants can be used to produce much beneficial nutrition for human body; starts from the
roots, leaves, flowers, the fruits, and other parts of plants. In all of them, there are plenty
of useful ingredients which have certain beneficial, and if they are not carefully used,
dangerous effects. That means natural herbs formulas can either holds the function of
medicine or poison for our body.

The nature of the medicine of herbal:

Plants have been used by humans to improve body health long before modern medical
treatment knowledge is widely introduced. The research concerning the beneficial
effects of natural plants to be used as drug formulas to treat illness and fight against
diseases has been going on since the ancient times (as it is the only resources
available for primitive tribes all over the world) up until now. Ancient tribes search for
natural drug formulas by making experiments with the natural plants around the place
where they live to create drugs to treat illness. Today, scientists are able to search for
many plants in almost all over the world and make scientific experiments to make sure
it is safe to consume and indeed restoring our body condition. There are many forms
of modern days’ medicine such as tablet, Vitamins, and supplements made from the
combination of many extracts taken from plants.

However, as previously mentioned, natural herbs can be either healing or damaging,
as they contain probably too many substances; advice from health professionals or
doctors before you consume any kind of natural drug formulas are still has to be taken
as priority recommendation. Generally, the medicine of herbal plants is an alternative
form of healing drugs taken from plants as opposed to the chemical ones. Most of them
are not scientifically tested and it can be dangerous and poisonous to our body instead
of restoring its condition.

Strong and weak points of natural herbs:

There are some benefits of taking medicine of herbal plants, some of those are it is
cheaper. There is a general opinion among people comparing the form of chemical
drugs and the herbal ones, “why should spend more money for buying drugs to treat
illness while we can look for the drugs by ourselves?” Some people do not know many
kinds of modern form of drugs are also produced from the substances contained in
the natural plants. It is scientifically tested and manufactured in hygienic environments

to make sure that the intended functions of the natural herbs formulas really work to
restore our health. Secondly, natural herbs are the alternatives for the poor results of
chemically processed drugs in doctor’s prescriptions. Put in mind that everyone has
different system of metabolisms and each human body contains of different chemicals
substances, amount of vitamins, level of tiredness, take the different amount of time for
rests and consume different kind of foods; they will give effects to how the drugs work
to help us treat our illness we suffer. The drugs in doctor’s prescriptions surely affect our
body, but due to the different body chemistry, the medicine needs the different amount
of time to give significant effects to our body functions. Natural drugs also give fewer
side effects compared to chemically processed drug because less chemical reaction

The medicines of herbal plants have both good and bad side. They cannot guarantee to
restore our body to its perfect condition to but it is surely a good alternative treatment for
our health.

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