Healthty, Circulation of Blood

Generally disorders or deseases a person can come from outside and inside. From the outside for example: due to falls, accidents, poisoning, shock, punctured and others. temporary disruption from inside are the partly chaotic thoughts and emotions.

Both interference from outside or from within it causes disruption of blood circulation, or even the
blood circulation could be messed up to cause chemical changes in the body.

The key to human health is a distinguished smooth blood circulation. If the blood circulation then the healthier he is fluent, opposite way.

Nerve and muscle tension can cause a person’s blood circulation is interrupted, the muscle or a pinched nerve or move its position also causes the inhibition of blood circulation so that part is susceptible disease. When all the internal organs get the blood circulating smoothly then all viruses and bacteria can be driven white blood cells ( leucocytes ).Techniques for blood circulation is the most efficient is massage, reflexology massage or traditional massage both have very powerful effect.each another has its own advantages.

That a smooth blood circulation health resources of the human body can be explained as follows: for example, people who feel anxious, angry, sad emotions and excessive, frantic mind and too much hard thinking this requires enormous energy, so much blood is sent to the brain, if not accompanied by the necessary movements to maintain balance, then the other parts of the body lacks blood circulation. Especially the stomach digestion will be disrupted, causing pain in the stomach, while too much blood in the brain causes headaches. Look at people who are emotional or angry, would not face immediately turned red?. It can disrupt other body systems.

Then to maintain a healthy body is not really just rely on medication or massage alone. psychological factors play an important role for the health of a person’s body, the person who was always cheerful in life will be healthier than pessimistic people, easily discouraged and fearful.


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