Heart Attack

Various triggers heart attack may actually be found in everyday life, ranging from coffee to air pollution. Magnitude of increased risk of heart attack vary depending on the trigger and it is this comparison.Increased risk of heart attack based on the common triggers that can be found in everyday environments are as follows:

1. Coffee
The effect of caffeine is stimulate the heart and increase blood flow to muscles, thereby increasing blood pressure. Coffee addict on average 1.5 more prone to heart attacks within 1 hour after drinking coffee.

2. Alcohol
Alcohol can also increase blood pressure so that the load of the heart increases. Alcoholics are three times more at risk of heart attack within 12 hours after drinking alcoholic beverages.

3. Pollution
Various heart problems including deep vein thrombosis is more often experienced by people living on the edge of the main road. Pollution increases the risk of heart attack up to 3-fold within 1 hour.

4. Strenuous exercise
Strenuous exercise if done by people who normally do not exercise regularly will only bring harm. For those who rarely exercise, the risk of heart attack while exercising weight could be increased 3 times compared to regular exercise.

6. Overeating
Overeating, especially if a lot of fat and salt can also increase blood pressure. As a result the risk of heart attack increased 7-fold within 1 hour after eating to satiety.

7. Cocaine
The use of narcotics, especially cocaine increases heart attack by 24-fold within 24 hours thereafter. However, a recent study published in the journal Lancet shows, air pollution actually harm the heart 5 times more than cocaine..

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