Olive Oil To Low Risk Of Stroke

Elderly people who consume olive oil have a lower risk of stroke than those who do not consume it, say some researchers.

Some scientists at the National Institutes of Health and Medical Research in Bordeaux, France, 7625 following the development of French people aged 65 years and over, from three major cities – Bordeaux, Dijon and Montpellier – for five years.

During the study, there were 148 people who had a stroke. Object of study was divided into several groups according to their actions using olive oil, ranging from people who do not use it at all until they are used in serving food, cooking and making bread.

When the researchers adjusted for various factors such as body weight, physical activity and diet as a whole, they found them so-called olive oil users “intensive” has a 41 percent lower risk of stroke than those who never consume olive oil.
“People who consume olive oil may be very different from people who do not use it,” said Scarmeas. Users olive oil, for example, may have a higher income, better overall eating or exercising more often than those who never consume olive oil.

Researchers in the new study, led by Cecilia Samieri, trying to account for those differences. And once they do, Olive Oil still shown to have a relationship to lower risk of stroke.”Our research shows a new series of food advice should be issued to prevent stroke in people aged 65 years and over,”said the study’s author, Cecilia Samieri.

But Scarmeas said that was unlikely to fully account for all the variables. What is needed, he says, is a clinical trial, the subjects were randomly assigned to use olive oil or not, and then followed its development from time to time to see who had a stroke.

“Stroke is common among people who are elderly and olive oil would be an easy and inexpensive way to help prevent it,” said Cecilia Samieri.

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