Use Benefits of Anti-Aging and Medicine of Herbal

The more your age, the more your wrinkles appear on your face. Even the wrinkles will be more if you also have a lot of unfinished business. Of course, it makes your mind is full of such affairs. Thus, the wrinkles on your face will make you look older than your actual age. Therefore, from now on, you should try to reduce the wrinkles. To reduce it, you can use… Read Article →

To predict your Health

Condition of a person’s health and longevity can be measured more clearly than most others of the lifestyle and habits. Those who mengasup balanced nutrition and physical activity or exercise tend to be healthier than those who are heavy smokers or overweight. However, there are some unique things that can be used to guess a person’s health and chances of long-lived. It’s five of them, as quoted by Reader’s Digest…. Read Article →

Heart Attack

Various triggers heart attack may actually be found in everyday life, ranging from coffee to air pollution. Magnitude of increased risk of heart attack vary depending on the trigger and it is this comparison.Increased risk of heart attack based on the common triggers that can be found in everyday environments are as follows: 1. Coffee The effect of caffeine is stimulate the heart and increase blood flow to muscles, thereby… Read Article →

Benefits of Young Coconut

Besides the refreshing taste, young coconut water has plenty of Health benefits. Some people use it to overcome the nausea and vomiting, often used to replace plasma in a blood transfusion during World War II. The content of minerals and electrolytes in coconut water is very diverse ranging from calcium, potassium to magnesium. When coconuts are getting old, it’s a lot of minerals absorbed to harden the white coconut meat… Read Article →

Green Tea And Cancer

The content of antioxidants in green tea has long been known to prevent the development of cancer cells. However, a recent study in Japan showed no relationship at all between green tea consumption with risk of breast cancer. Several previous studies mentioned that the consumption of green tea may help protect women from breast Cancer. That’s because the content of polyphenolic compounds contained in green tea can indeed protect against… Read Article →