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History and the Ways Medicine of Herbal Works

What is the Medicine Of Herbal?

Medicine of herbal or they used to call the botanical medicine and the phytomedicine may giving the direction for the utilizing the plant into flowers, bark, leaves, roots, berries, or even seeds for the medicinal purposes. You should know that the herbalism is actually having such quite long tradition for being used more than the usual conevntional medicine. In the end it’s become even more than merely a mainstream as the development of the quality control and the analysis together with the high achieved of the clinical research that view the point of the Medicine Of Herbal to be used for the disease preventment also in treating for it.

The history of the Medicine of Herbal :

You probably already know that most plants can be used for the medicinal aim even long tme before the history been made. The old chinese together with the Egyptian papyrus way of writings can actually telling about the medicinal uses for the plants. These cultures including the native American and African that using herbs for the the healing rituals, when the other focussing their research on old medical program just like the old chinese medicine and Ayurveda as well that the herbal therapies are actually really being used. The researches had found that the whole people at the dissimilar parts of the world were intended to utilize the same old plants just for the gaining the similar aims.

Medicine of Herbal start at the time of the early 19th century, the chemical research premierely definitely being provided. Then the scientist start to modify and then to extract the whole active elements from the medicinal plants. After that, the chemist has finally start to create their independent version of plants that can be used over time, compounds and the benefits of suing the herbal medicines rather than using the drugs.

Nowadays, the World Health Organization(WHO) has finally measure that the 80% of the people on whole the world is lying their fate on the herbal madicines for few elements taken from their main health care. You should know that in Germany, around 600 until 700 medicines that made based on plants are finally provided and that the formula
is created by some of the 70 percents German pharmacists. For the last 20 years the US, it has been reported that there are certain public dissatisfaction with the expenses made for the medications. This can be combined with the incredible thing in taking the whole going back to the natural or even the organic medicines. And this has
finally take to the improvement of the usage in the Medicine Of Herbal field.

The way the Medicine Of Herbal works

In certain cases many scientist are so sure about the specific element in the particular herb that works to cure the situation of disease and illness. The whole herbs may consist of certain elements that they eventually will work together to create the more advantage impacts. Many factors could be the elements in making the decision on how efficient a herb can be. You can say that the kind of the condition such as the soil quality, bugs, and climate that the plant will eventually grew are actually the factors that can affect the result of the plants, which including the way it’s processed and harvested. These are the ways that the Medicine Of Herbal works.


Medicine of Herbal for Your Diseases

Nowadays, many cases related to drug toxicity happen in this world. Of course, it is very sad. It is because everybody knows that drug is to heal the sickness, but in fact, the drug can be the cause of a person exposed to the disease. Many drugs are mixed with chemicals whose levels are not standard. Therefore, you must be careful when buying drugs at the shop or at the pharmacy. For those of you who are sick can try to consume Medicine Of Herbal. Drugs are made from various kinds of plants that mostly safe for human body.

Medicine of herbal that is also recognized as botanical medicine or in medical term it is called phytomedicines a drug that has been there for centuries ago and believed to cure various diseases. It is because in ancient times, people do not have the knowledge to mix plants with chemicals. However, the result is very satisfactory. Even until now, Medicine Of Herbal still becomes alternative for some people to cure the illness. It is because the properties that are owned by the Medicine Of Herbal do not contain a mixture of other materials that can damage your health.

Medicine of Herbal not only can cure you from various diseases, but also can prevent the disease coming into your body and can be a supplement that can make your body become fresh. Parts of plants that can be used as medicine are leaves, flowers, bark, berries, plant’s seeds, or roots. Those parts can be formulated and used as drugs or supplements that are very useful for your body. Medicine Of Herbal usually has no side effects. Nevertheless, if you drink plants consist of poison; of course you will be poisoned. Before you decide to use herbal medicine, you should find out what plants that can be used as a drug and is safe for your body.


Benefits pulls Long Breath

When the sense of panic and nervous comes, have you ever trying to draw a long/deep breath? and you feel instantly calmed down. It feel strange,right?. But that very effective to do.

Apparently profits take a deep breathe not only to eleminating feelings of nervous. Draw a deep breath at certain moments can provide health benefits,Experts said,. Here we explain some benefit of draws deep breathe:

long breathe

1.Relieve stress

Social life with and daily activities sometimes can increase stress level. This causes breathing rapidly and blood pressure increased. In these conditions it’s very bad for Health.Then draw deep breath is the best choice for relieve stress, that action can make re-focus and clear mind. When draw deep breath, it’s send a signal to the brain in order calming/relaxing stress level.

2.Reducing anxiety

Anxiety can be very dangerous to health and cause several health problems and some disease. Deep breathing exercises can help clear up any ‘blockages’ in the mind, that helping you re-focus.That way you can minimize and even to discard / remove anxiety.

3.Improving blood circulation

Breathe deeply on a regular basis can enhance and improve the delivery of oxygen to all organs of the body. Try to take a deep breath through your stomach to increase the oxygen supply to organs and helps the whole development of body systems.

4.Stomach relaxation

Research has demonstrated with inhaled can relax in the stomach and helps your stomach to move properly. So, if you are experiencing pain in the stomach to try to take deep breath, especially when you are on the toilet

5.Reduce Nervous

Nervous is a common feeling experienced by every person. Sometimes nervous can make a person difficult to speak, when it happens,take deep breath can be done to overcome them. Try to close my eyes and breathe deeply for a minute or two.

6.Helps reduce pain

By drawing a deep breathe,  body will release endorphins. This is a kind of substance that gives a sense to comfort and also a natural pain reliever. These hormones can also make the muscles become more relaxed. Muscle tension is a major cause of pain in the neck, back and stomach. Take a deep breath in providing benefits for asthmatics.


Medicine of Herbal and Beauty for Women

History says and proves that Beauty is the most important thing that should be maintain carefully and regularly even though it should take a lot of cost. In the Kingdom period, most of the queens considered
that Beauty is the key of life in order to accompany the King. As Queen or Princess, they are considered as the representation of Royal Kingdom’s life by the people. The Beauty of Queen and Princess is also considered as the highest standard for people at that time.

How did Queen and Princess maintain their Beauty?

Queen and Princess really understood the relation between Medicine Of Herbal and Beauty. They maintain their Beauty by using herbal medicine or cosmetics. The materials that are used to maintain their Beauty are such as flowers, leaves, olive oil, and many others. To get the best result in maintaining their Beauty, usually they asked some helps to lady-in-waiting or lady who has ability in gathering the concoction. Medicine Of Herbal can be used in several ways. First, herbal medicine can be consumed in the form of food and beverage. It means that the herbal medicine is taken into the throat body. It is called as inner treatment. This kind of treatment can show that Medicine Of Herbal and Beauty is endowed with magical power that endorses the beauty treatment significantly. Second, herbal medicine for beauty can be in the form of concoction that is sown into the bathtub mixed with the cool or warm water. This kind of treatment is also considered as external treatment method.

Does Medicine of Herbal still get along with modern life?

Yes, it does. Herbal medicine can still get along with modern life since there is no guarantee that people who consume chemical medicine can maintain their beauty successfully. On the other hand, the relations and advantages between Medicine Of Herbal and Beauty have been proved from times to times. As it has been mention and discussed above, it has been proved since the Kingdom period. It means that it has been successfully proved for centuries.

Is there any side effect of using herbal medicine for Beauty?
Medicine Of Herbal will not result in any side effect for women who use it since it is made from natural resources. Though, women should also know their body’s condition when they are trying to consume the herbal medicine by using inner treatment method. Not all the women have the same antibody. It means that there is possibility for some women to get certain side-effect which is basically caused by allergic. This kind of condition should be regarded as an exception. It is because there is no direct reason caused by the relation between Medicine of Herbal and Beauty with the emergence of the allergic. Its allergic usually has existed before they consume the herbal medicine. It means that the allergic is not triggered by consuming herbal medicine. In other word, it can be concluded that the use of herbal medicine for Beauty treatment is good and safe for women.


The Significance of Medicine of Herbal and Health

In daily life, people usually do any activities such as working, studying, trading, and etc. Some of them do
those activities with a good preparation such as having breakfast before start to go to work, consuming
enough mineral water during activities, and so on. But, some of them do those activities without a good
preparation that can endanger their own Health. If people do not take care about their Health then it
can result in illnesses for them. If they were sick, usually they will get medical support such as chemical
medicine. Today, such method of choosing remedy is not fully recommended. It is suggested for people
to get Medicine Of Herbal.

What is the significance of Medicine Of Herbal and Health?

There are very positive relations between Medicine Of Herbal and Health. At least there is three points
that will distinguish Medicine Of Herbal with chemical medicine. First, Medicine Of Herbal is produced by
natural materials which mean that it is not dangerous for people’s health. The amount of chemical
material contained in medicine will give bad impact if it is consumed for a long period. Even though
chemical medicine aims to cure the illnesses within human’s body but it is actually still dangerous for
certain case. According to the history, the invention of herbal medicine has been invented since long
ago before the existence of modern health technology which is dominated by chemical medicine.
Second, herbal medicine has a very little side-effect. The side-effect caused by herbal medicine is not as
dangerous as chemical medicine has. Third, herbal medicine can be consumed for a long period since
it is safe for human’s health. In other words, herbal medicine can be taken as a routine consumption.
Those are the significance of Medicine of Herbal and Health.

Is Medicine Of Herbal expensive?

The positive relation between Medicine Of Herbal and Health is also represented in the form of price.
The price of herbal medicine is affordable for people from any backgrounds. It is because the production
cost of herbal medicine is also cheaper than chemical medicine. For certain kinds of herbal medicine,
there is no production process that is required such as lime leave, ginger, and etc. Herbal medicine
can also be taken by you. It means that everyone can make herbal medicine as long as they have the
knowledge about the kinds of natural resources that can be taken as herbal medicine.

Is there any age limitation for people to consume Medicine Of Herbal?

There is no age limitation or prohibition in consuming herbal medicine. People from any ages can
consume herbal medicine. The difference lays on the measurement in consuming the herbal medicine.
The dosage of herbal medicine for children should be adjusted properly. It is because children usually
cannot consume something which is bitter. Besides, the frequency of consumption should also be under
controlled. It is purposed to prevent the children from not willing to try it again. Finally, it is hoped that

the relations between Medicine Of Herbal and Health can be recognized likably and helpfully for you.


Medicine Of Herbal From Kitchen

In your’s kitchen, you can find many Medicine of Herbal good for health. One of the most effective means of obtaining medicinal plants in the form of dyes. The alcoholic extract of plants that can be taken with water.Here some example :

Garlic (Allium sativum):

This Garlic is responsible for the renewed interest in medicine of herbal . Long used to treatment lung disease,heart disease. Proven to reduce cholesterol, blood pressure and reducing the risk of blood clots.

Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis):

The Greeks used this herb to improve memory, relieve headaches and overcome depression. Lemon Balm is anti-viral, it’s good for relieving colds,flus ,fevers and now an anti-viral agent has been found that combats mumps. it’s also help strengthen the immune system.

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) :

Ginger is medicine of herbal the most widely used and available on the planet, with billions of people using it every day as both food and medicine of herbal.


Benefit Lavender as Medicine Of Herbal

What is the benefit of Lavender?

Lavender is a name of a plant and widely used to formulate a medicine of herbal as
it contains many beneficial ingredients. Certain parts of Lavender that are commonly
used are the oil and the flower. The well known functions of Lavender are it is possible
to treat many diseases and illness such as depression, insomnia (sleeping routine
trouble), anxiety (restlessness or impatience), and turmoil. There are also many kinds
of metabolisms or digestive problems can be treated by Lavender such as vomiting, lost
of appetite, nausea, flatulence, etc. Other kind of health complains can be healed by
the use of Lavender are headache, sores, gore, and nerve pain. Lavender also works to
remove acne, treat cancer, and helps women with their menstruation cycle.

Lavender is also applicable to be used directly to the skin to reduce hair loss, and repel
insects such as mosquitoes. Through inhalation Lavender is useful as aromatherapy to
treat insomnia, and dementia.

In manufacturing process, Lavender is widely used as an ingredient to produce
fragrance for soap, perfume, and cosmetics. Some manufacturers even use the plant
for food’s flavor material.

The medicine of herbal extract from Lavender:

The scientific name for Lavender is Lavandula angustifolia. The plant is usually
contaminated with some other plants from the related species including Lavandula
hybrid which is a combination of other two related plants, Lavandula angustifolia and
Lavandula latifolia. The combination produces Lavandin oil.

The Lavandin oil contained in the plant is effectively used for relaxing muscles and
gives a sedating effect.

It has to be remembered that Lavandin oil is merely an ingredients from many possible
medicine of herbal formulas can be created. The insufficient or too much amount can
possible dangerous. The improper use including consumption by mouth can cause
headache, and increases appetite.

There is an evidence that Lavender (Lavandin oil) can be effectively reduce hair loss
when the extract is combined with the oil taken from cedar wood, thyme, and rosemary.
This combination can even increase hair growth up to 44 percents after 7 months of
proper treatments.

Lavandin oil is indeed effective for repel insects including mosquitoes, but the improper
amount of usage cause another problem instead. Lavender is possibly to be applied
directly to the skin. However, the wrong amount and incorrect combination can cause

Safety concern when applying Lavender as an ingredient for medicine
of herbal

There are some kind of medical precautions should be carefully regulated concerning
the use of lavender as one medicine of herbal plants. Some medicine of herbal plants
are lack of evidence whether or not they are effectively treating health disorder or give
dangerous effect instead.

For children, applying Lavender directly to the skin may cause hormonal disorder.
Lavender contains oil that may disrupt the normal growth of a boy’s hormonal system.
There are some cases showing that the use of Lavender can cause an abnormal growth
of breast in boys, the hormonal disorder is called gynecomastia. Therefore, Lavender
should be carefully applied for young boys who have not reached their puberty yet.
There is not enough facts that shows Lavender can either useful or dangerous when
applied for young girls.

The same case happens with expecting mothers or breast feeding women. In both
conditions, Lavender has not enough proven facts that it is useful or give dangerous
effects to the body and the baby growths.

People who have been scheduled for surgery should avoid the use of Lavender in
approximately (appropriate amount of time based on the doctor’s suggestion) two
weeks. The Lavandin oil has been proven that I might slow down the response of the
central nervous system. During or after surgery the use of Lavender as medicine of
herbal will be contaminated with the medications given by the doctors which is likely to
slow down nervous system too much.


Health Treatment by Medicines of Herbal

What is the definition of the Medicine of herbal?

The medicine of herbal is another form of healing formulas by using the benefits of
natural plants in the forms of raw herbs, herbal extracts or supplements which are
provided by the nature for human beings to heal many kinds of illness, get rid of many
diseases, to maintain the perfect body condition, improve fitness, maintain a strong
immunity systems and to improve a lot of organs’ functions. Almost all parts of certain
plants can be used to produce much beneficial nutrition for human body; starts from the
roots, leaves, flowers, the fruits, and other parts of plants. In all of them, there are plenty
of useful ingredients which have certain beneficial, and if they are not carefully used,
dangerous effects. That means natural herbs formulas can either holds the function of
medicine or poison for our body.

The nature of the medicine of herbal:

Plants have been used by humans to improve body health long before modern medical
treatment knowledge is widely introduced. The research concerning the beneficial
effects of natural plants to be used as drug formulas to treat illness and fight against
diseases has been going on since the ancient times (as it is the only resources
available for primitive tribes all over the world) up until now. Ancient tribes search for
natural drug formulas by making experiments with the natural plants around the place
where they live to create drugs to treat illness. Today, scientists are able to search for
many plants in almost all over the world and make scientific experiments to make sure
it is safe to consume and indeed restoring our body condition. There are many forms
of modern days’ medicine such as tablet, Vitamins, and supplements made from the
combination of many extracts taken from plants.

However, as previously mentioned, natural herbs can be either healing or damaging,
as they contain probably too many substances; advice from health professionals or
doctors before you consume any kind of natural drug formulas are still has to be taken
as priority recommendation. Generally, the medicine of herbal plants is an alternative
form of healing drugs taken from plants as opposed to the chemical ones. Most of them
are not scientifically tested and it can be dangerous and poisonous to our body instead
of restoring its condition.

Strong and weak points of natural herbs:

There are some benefits of taking medicine of herbal plants, some of those are it is
cheaper. There is a general opinion among people comparing the form of chemical
drugs and the herbal ones, “why should spend more money for buying drugs to treat
illness while we can look for the drugs by ourselves?” Some people do not know many
kinds of modern form of drugs are also produced from the substances contained in
the natural plants. It is scientifically tested and manufactured in hygienic environments

to make sure that the intended functions of the natural herbs formulas really work to
restore our health. Secondly, natural herbs are the alternatives for the poor results of
chemically processed drugs in doctor’s prescriptions. Put in mind that everyone has
different system of metabolisms and each human body contains of different chemicals
substances, amount of vitamins, level of tiredness, take the different amount of time for
rests and consume different kind of foods; they will give effects to how the drugs work
to help us treat our illness we suffer. The drugs in doctor’s prescriptions surely affect our
body, but due to the different body chemistry, the medicine needs the different amount
of time to give significant effects to our body functions. Natural drugs also give fewer
side effects compared to chemically processed drug because less chemical reaction

The medicines of herbal plants have both good and bad side. They cannot guarantee to
restore our body to its perfect condition to but it is surely a good alternative treatment for
our health.

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August 28, 2011 10:36 am

Herbal Remedies

There is now a variety of essential oils, roots, and herbal remedies available to support a healthy living. These natural products are used for treating ailments, to flavor your food, for skin care, creating perfumes and manufacture environmentally safe cleaning products. Generally speaking, herbal remedies are a form of alternative medicine and healthy ingredients to many products.

The herbal and natural remedies were used for nearly every ailment they encountered, there were simply no other options. Drugstores and pharmacies, where you can find a remedy for any ailment today, are a very recent development.

Nowadays, most of us eat foods with processed ingredients, pesticides and many other ingredients that could potentially be dangerous. To avoid these dangers many wants to eat much more natural food, even produce it themselves to secure the quality.

Beyond everyday herbal remedies, Medicine of herbal can treat many health problems and diseases such as high cholesterol, arthritis pain, weight loss, colds and flu. Herbs and herbal remedies are known to build, strengthen and heal the body. Take advantage of the healing power of natural herbs to treat common health disorders and to live a healthier life. Herbal remedies are used with a focus on the natural healing abilities of the body.

Here are some popular and frequently used herbal remedies:

Lavender is without a doubt one of the most useful and desirable oils. It will work wonders on cuts, bruises and burns and promotes sleep and relaxation.

Eucalyptus oils are useful for treating a variety of respiratory ailments. These are excellent medication for colds and coughs. These oils can be massaged into the chest or burned in an oil burner to help clear the airways and prevent congestion.

Tea Tree oil is a natural antiseptic and can be dabbed on cuts, bites and stings. It is often used to treat spots and pimples and when diluted with water, acts as a mouth gargle (remember it shall never be swallowed).

Green Tea can reduce the incidence of a variety of cancers and in fact, many people drink Green tea daily for cancer prevention. It is possible that this tea might also help prevent heart diseases. Studies have shown that continued use of Green Tea lowers enzyme levels, which could significantly reduce or prevent liver disease and reduce the negative effects of hepatitis and alcoholic liver disease.

Lemon oil and fresh lemons will purify water and when lemon is mixed with honey, it is an effective herbal remedy for colds and flu. It is now common knowledge that lemon and white vinegar are highly effective cleaning agents for domestic cleaning tasks

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