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Meditation And Its Benefits In The Daily Life.

Concentration oriented meditation and contemplation oriented meditation are the two mainstreams of meditation. Of these two categories contemplation oriented meditation is the road to enlightenment and since it is not worldly phenomenon we deliberate in to more worldly observable fact of meditation call concentration oriented meditation. There are so many ways of arriving at concentration through the meditation. It is simple as looking any kind of object for a long period of time to repeating any kind of word again and again. Main object of this type of meditation is to keep mind on the same object or word without deviating from it. After repetition of sessions and more you get practice more you accustomed to concentration.

Meditation And Your Health

Once you get the concentration and you familiar with it achieving the state of Concentration more regularly is easy, so you are able to harvest the benefits of this stream of meditation.

Rise of the level of retention of memory is the most advantageous benefit that can be easily achieved with sustainable concentration. This is invaluable when one get old and gradually losing his or her memory. Meditation and concentration bolster the sexual activities too. Although it helpful in controlling abnormal sexual drive and sex related stress it aids the diseases like erectile dysfunction  and enjoy the sexual life more vigorously as sexual activities are mostly depend around the mind.

Everybody who meditates is fortunate to receive much need awareness whatever the activity one is involved in. Nervousness can be easily suppressed with the practice of meditation. Long duration meditation and continuous concentration make oneself to feel as if there is no observable fact call nervousness. Public speaking is so easy to concentrated mind. One will be able to do his or her day to day activities to the fullest with confidence.

Gravity of the interactions with other people can be minimized. Anger will not spring up without knowledge. Hate will reduce to the bottom of mind barrel. Stress will run out of the window. Whatever happens in the world will not affect the mindset of the meditate he will be always calm and cool.

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August 24, 2011 5:44 am

Benefits Herbal and Anti Aging Elements

What’s the use of the medicine of herbal and anti aging?

The medicine of herbal and anti aging are being used to decrease the speed of
the progress in aging. All of these medicine of herbal being used in the anti aging
treatment is to assist for the usual blood circulation. It has the goal to point for the
digestion and to take the important nutrients which are very essentials for the usual
body functions. There are many kind of herbs in the use of medicine of herbal and
anti aging, such as Ginkgo Biloba, Maca, Withania Somnifera, Rhodiola Rosea,
Ginseng, Rhubab and many more. Now you surely needed to now how these herbs
work, it’s going to be discussed in the next paragraph below.

The benefits of the medicine of herbal and anti aging:

One of the medicine of herbal and anti aging used is the ginseng which definitely
being one from most well known herbs in the world of Chinese medicine. It’s usually
used to overcome the stress, helping in for the whole physical activities and mental
matters. This ginseng also can be used for decreasing the level of high cholesterol
and blood sugar as well. Rhodiola Rosea is the kind of herb which can be useful to
heal the matters connected to it. this Rhodiola Rosea is usually used for the formula
to create anti aging remedies which assist in increasing the immune system of the
body and to improve the energy increasement of the body and with the benefit of
taking away the toxins out of the body. The next is the Withania Somnifera which
is also called the Ashwagandha in the ayurveda may pointed to the king of herbal
kingdom. This tag given to the Withania Somnifera because it has great advantage
on strengthen the body’s immune system, increasing the sexual abilities, along with
asissting to cure depression. Now you surely know that depression may speeding
the aging process, thus the way to slow down the process may refer to anti aging
remedies. If you have problem with fertility then you should as well using the
Maca which is quite good in improving the semen volume, thus helping the fertility
problems as well. It assisted to improve the energy levels and enhancing the whole
of health situation. And then Gingko Biloba is well known to overcome the age
connected to the problem of memory loss, thus the used of it can increase the ability
to memorize more better. Another benefit of the Gingko Biloba may assist to manage
the diabtes and increasing vision and hearing abilities. You should remember that
you can’t take this medicine of herbal together with the blood thinner or nay kind of

The way rhubarb slowing the aging process as part of the medicine of herbal and anti aging element:

Being part of the medicine of herbal and anti aging element, rhubarb is actually point
to the main to change or switching the old and to bring back the new one. More
to it, Rhubarb has the ability to be the catharsis and to go through the turbid, as a
compliment to improve the appetite, make the qi easily flow in the blood and another
positive effects on it. This is the point where the Rhubarb increasing the pasce of the
process in discharging the metabolic toxin out of the body regularly, which has the
result decreasing the opportunity of self poisoning and then to erase the almost all of
the aging genes. Therefore the anti aging goal can be reached this way that actually
Rhubarb can definitely sure about the usual physiological functions of the blood flow,
water metabolism, nutrients absorption and the digestion as well. In summary, those
are some of the most popular anti aging herbs in the medicine of herb and anti aging
formula or you can always said that the anti aging medicine of herbal might not yet
completed without the containment of any of these medicine herbal.

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August 15, 2011 3:24 pm

The Benefits of Using the Medicine of Herbal’s

What is the medicine of herbal?

Medicine of herbal is pointing at the usage of flowers, bark, leaves, roots, berries, and seeds from plants for the medical goal. They have another name used to be called phyto medicine or botanical medicine. This kind of medicine possessed such a wide range of tradition for usage out from the usual medicine. It’s growing to be more like the mainstream as the increasement in the research and qualification managing together with the benefit in the clinical improvement which tell the benefit of herbal medicine in the way to prevent from disease and the way to treat it.

The ways that the medicine of herbal work:

In some occasion, the scientists are actually not that sure about certain items in the
medicine of herbal which works in treating the illness or only its situation. All of the herbs consist of much more items, and then they might actually work along with the creation of profitable impact. Such elements being the key factors on how efficient all of the herbs will be. As an example, the kind of the environment factors such as soil qualification, bugs, climate which the plant will grow from them and in the end will have impacts on these factors, as just like when and how it’s going to be produced and harvested.

The benefit and the examples of the medicine of herbal:

The medicine of herbal has certain benefits such as being used at treating many kind of situation. Around the others, the irritable bowel syndrome, some chronic disease, the symptoms of menopause, migraine, rheumatoid arthritis, the syndrome of premenstrual, eczema and asthma as well are some of the many situations can be treated with the medicine of herbal. This kind of medicine is very good to be consumed with the reagulation made from the health care provider which quite being trained. You definitely have to consult with the pharmacist or your doctor as well before consuming any of the herbs. If you’d like to know, this writing is going to tell you about few of the medicine of herbal. First, there’s Ginkgo or with another name of ginkgo biloba which being used in the conventional medicine to cure the circulatory disease and to increase the capability of memories’ capacity. Even though, not the whole being agree about the research, the ginkgo definitely special for the effectivity to cure the dementia also for the Alzheimer’s disease. Then the next thing is the intermittent claudication or the kind of disease that makes the patient suffer from poor circulation within the legs. It has been proven that it’s actually increasing the memory for the older adults. The researches’ result from the laboratory has stated that ginkgo may enhance the blood circulation in the way dilated the blood vessels and then decreasing the stickiness of the blood platelets. With the same token, this might lead to ginkgo as surely anhance the effect of such blood thinning medications, the aspirin also included. Still, some people who wants to consume the ginkgo need to ask for the doctor if they’re also consuming the blood thinning medications. Then there’s Kava kava or Piper methysticum which has the effect to increase the good mood, always being well and feel like always in content. Another benefit is creating the feeling of relaxation. Some research has finally shown that the kava could be helpful for the treatment of connected nervous disorders, insomnia, and anxiety as well. Even though, there’s quite great matter that kava might be the cause of liver damage. It’s not that quite seen that if the kava really being the cause of the liver damage in some of the people or if it’s consuming the kava in the mixes with another herbs or drugs. It’s not really sure that kava might be poisonous at some suggested amount, or even with the bigger doses. Some countries might pull the kava from their market. Although it still can be found in the US, but the FDA or the Food and Drug Administration stated some kind of consumer suggestions at March 2002 about the unique butmight have potential risk of the liver failure connected with the kava ingredients product


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August 11, 2011 4:06 am

The pros and cons play the game

In this sophisticated era who does not know the word “GAME”?.
Almost all people in the world know the word .And both children and adults to play games.
Then came many statements, some saying “playing games is bad”
some say otherwise.
Here we will discuss these opinions.
Good idea to play games:
1.Play games can improve the pattern of thinking and logic
2.Game can develop insights
3.can we learn foreign languages ??YES,because nearly all games using English and Japanese
4.Make new friends

The bad play games:
1.Bad for eyes health and body of course
2.Forget homework (for the kids of course ^ ^), for adults forget jobs
3.Cant schedule time
4. I do not know anymore, LOL ^ ^

So I concluded in my version of that “playing games that have a value more positive than negative. ”
What your opinion?post your opinion here..Thx

“” if any words or language errors are less willing hearts please understandable “”
Thx ..

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August 8, 2011 8:55 am

be Safe on Facebook

facebookNowadays Facebook and others social web can’t be separated from our modern life style, for teenager especially. it’s no doubt that it’s very easy and quick to starting social webs, it only take a few minutes to make an email account and social web account but we usually forgets or not realize that There’s danger await us, when we enjoy sharing and chat on social web.
What are those dangers??

>>make friend with stranger<<

It may be fun that people like us, and added us to be friend, but we can’t deny the fact that we open our self to the totally strangers and it’s an absolutely risky.
We often watch at news there are lot of human trafficking and kidnapping cases started with an relationship with stranger on socials web. A lot of people deny it won’t harm them by saying it’s not dangerous
, the victims are too stupid or innocent, some believe that they won’t be the victims but imagine it if u in the room with all strangers and your
eyes closed. Won’t u worry?
less or more it’s the same, because the reality is there are a lot of users hide their true self by insert a false or fake information and photos of themselves. Many of phedophils using this media to search and attract the victims. The victims are usually innocent and unawareness kid or teenager, beside that there a lot of victims that lose a lot of their money because of cheaters who use a fake profitable business plan.

>> Mean and not-true gossips<<

Have u ever hurts because of gossip? Lies? Or prejudice?
It is really hurt if our reputation and pride is been crushed because of somebody’s lies or gossip.students, their pride often insulted during school times, by bullies or mean gossip. It is a serious issue for the victims, Just in America a recent surveys show that roughly 40% of workers and students have been victim of serious gossip, some of them are depressed and even committed to suicide.
Nah, by uploading our photos and our life experiences on Facebook, we are welcome peoples to comment us. But ironically lots of people may say something bad about us, and sometimes mean. They may even assault our pride by expand serious bad gossips, to make it worse our friends may expand it to our school or work. So it is not easy matter, but a serious issue for our private and emotional needs.
!!! Ways to protect ourselves and kids on facebook!!!
1. Don’t ever put your crucial private information. Likes Phone number, home and school ( office) addresses and bank account number or credit card.
2. Do your best to reject an invitation to meet from the peoples who you don’t really know.
3. Know a lot and seek who your kids making friends with ( it is best to add them to your facebook account)
4. Don’t accept or added the people u don’t know or suspicious
5. If u decide to meet someone that u know on facebook, make sure u have a trustworthy partner and meet at crowded and safe place.
6. Don’t put a sexy of your photos, it may attract people to comment something bad or
7. Be wise to tell your life experience. Don’t tell about your private life matters, examples broken heart, divorce or lonely and etc. Some bad ass love to exploit these situations to gain the victims attention and trust.

Hope You can gain benefits from the tips I wrote. thanks
if any wrong word or something..please to forgive it…
No offence.

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August 7, 2011 3:55 am

Due From Sitting Too Long.. T.T

“People who spend most of their days sitting are more likely fat, prone to heart attacks and even death,” reported the Associated Press.
waw too horrified that I just know  if we sit too long we could be vulnerable to illness of heart,,, wah wah wah almost every day when I sit down almost 8 hours more,,,,
Genes that regulate glucose and fat in the body begins to stop working … then it’s the cause why we are vulnerable to heart disease taxable if we sit too long,,, ihhhhhhhh(horrible) T.T.

Everyone must have experienced sitting for along time, there are 4 hours, 6 hours, or until 24 hours full time, from adults to little kids must have experienced it

There are some negative impact if we sit too long in addition to heart:

1. Sitting Too Long Trigger Diabetes
2. Sitting Too Long Accelerate Death
3. At risk of suffering from obesity ,etc

A recent study states that people are more likely to die if it spent more time in sitting down than those who rarely sit down.
In a study conducted for 14 years, people who spend at least as long as six hours a day to sit, were more likely to die than people who just spent three hours a day to sit down.

Research conducted by ACS epidemiologist Alpa V. Patel, PhD and colleagues revealed that people who spend their time sitting have a higher death rate than people who more often perform the activity without sitting.(Wek How about me??8 hours a day..sob).

Here are the results of research for people who spend three hours to sit:
1. Improving mortality of about 40% for women.
2. Improve mortality about 20% for men.

Then the results of research for people who spend six hours to sit:
1. Improving mortality of about 94% for women
2. Improving mortality of about 48% for men

Now let’s we subtract the long sit.
well at least with the often perform activities without having to sit, like jogging, or walking path sich essentially do lazy to move . if indeed we have achieved we should really just do not sit well for too long..

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July 29, 2011 2:32 pm

Inner Beauty :D

Every woman must always yearned for beauty and will strive to attain, even those willing to sacrifice to do everything to turn himself in imitation of the real beauty is only temporary and can disappear in an instant. But did you know that real beauty? Intrinsic beauty is the beauty will be personality, both of which emanated from the heart, mind, and the doings that reflect the elegance of a woman. This is called an inner beauty which can certainly add to the beauty outside of a woman. While they are
beautiful outside but lacks inner beauty, then it will fade outer beauty which is a boon for him. We often encounter in this life, a woman who was so beautiful in appearance but has a beautiful character and personality that will have a more memorable sweet when compared with women who are beautiful in appearance but not both moral and personal.

So the ultimate inner beauty belong to every woman because it can emit an aura that would make the woman liked and always anticipated her presence. Woman with inner beauty can provide coolness and comfort to any who was friends with him, but She was still sticking to what the principle that She could not be carried away by the association that can plunge into the murky future and unwanted by anyone.

Then how is one’s view of this inner beauty? Inner beauty has a deep meaning and understanding area, but we can interpret that a woman who has inner beauty of them is a woman who has the intelligence and achievement can provide benefit for herself and others, has a beautiful character and makes her an area of ​​ocean that will never falter with everything that happened to her even though he felt sore, ready smile & humility, helpfulness and other good qualities that make up a fascinating personality. For that, the inner beauty will shine by itself if it has always sought to provide something beneficial to the surrounding and giving happiness, especially to relatives that She loved. Because the inner beauty will show itself when he interacted with people around, who all come from the heart and mind are realized in every act like what he said and everything She’s did.

Thus, it is necessary to organize this by always prejudiced heart good & positive thinking and doing things solely based on a sense of sincerity without any hope nevertheless. Therefore beautify yourself with inner and outer beauty, always dressed beautifully and so simply that appear unsightly, diligent worship closer to Him, open horizons and the veil of knowledge by reading books or doing various other efforts, making the experience and are always learning and taking the meaning of each events and always introspection also strive to be better than ever.


Every woman must always yearned for beauty and will strive to attain, even those willing to sacrifice to do everything to turn himself in imitation of the real beauty is only temporary and can disappear in an instant. But did you know that real beauty? Intrinsic beauty is the beauty will be personality, both of which emanated from the heart, mind, and the doings that reflect the elegance of a woman. This is called an inner beauty which can certainly add to the beauty outside of a woman. While they are beautiful outside but lacks inner beauty, then it will terhapuslah outer beauty which is a boon for him. We often encounter in this life, a woman who was so beautiful in appearance but has a beautiful character and personality that will have a more memorable sweet when compared with women who are beautiful in appearance but not both moral and personal.

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July 11, 2011 4:07 am

the Benefits Honey For Health

Nature has made it easier to make honey as a man with a panacea, and in fact if the honey does not / can not cure the illness is nothing that human stupidity is only in the ways of consumption and ways of life of honey. Nature has made it easier to make honey also exist in almost every region on earth. Honey is so beneficial to human
health and are inseparable in human life. Here are some of the benefits of honey for human health.

1.Honey as a sweetener: Sugar can be replaced by honey in foods and beverages. honey has a composition of about 69% of glucose and fructose sugar, which allows use as a sugar substitute sweetener.
2.Honey as an energy source:Honey is also widely used as an energy source that provides about 64 calories per tablespoon.
3.Honey may reduce weight: Although honey has more calories than sugar, honey, if taken with warm water helps in absorbing the fat stored in your body. Similarly honey and lemon juice and honey and cinnamon help in reducing weight. Likewise, honey mixed with lemon and honey with cinnamon helps reduce weight .

4.Increased performance of athletes:Recent research shows that honey can improve performance (ergogenic) excellent assistance and help in boosting the performance of athletes. Honey facilitate in maintaining blood sugar muscle healing and recovery after exercise.
5.Honey as a source of vitamins and minerals: Honey contains many vitamins and minerals. Nutritional content of vitamins and minerals found in honey depends on what nectar sucked by Honey bees.
6.Honey has anti-bacterial properties and anti-fungal: this honey can be used as a natural antiseptic.
7.Antioxidants. Honey has a content of nutraceuticals : which are effective in removing free radicals from our bodies. The result, immunity will increase.
8.Skin care with milk and honey: Milk and honey are often referred together as the main ingredient that makes the skin smoother and softer.  therefore in many countries widely consumed milk and honey.

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June 22, 2011 1:29 pm

Benefits Of Honey


Honey is a golden colored liquid that is quite thick, which is produced by bees honey with a distinctive sweet taste. The process of making honey begins when the bees collect flower nectar in their mouths. This nectar then mixes with special enzymes in the saliva of bees, this chemical process and then turn it into honey. Bees store honey flower nectars that have been processed in the body into the hexagonal-shaped nest

In this world there are various types of honey with a distinctive taste which is different of course. This makes the researchers interested to learn various things about honey. Here are brief facts and also some of the benefits of honey.

Benefits For Health:
Honey is an alternative energy source to provide about 64 calories per tablespoon. Honey is also able to boost the immune system and has natural antibacterial properties. When combined with diet and healthy lifestyle, honey would be an option to assist your weight loss process. Honey is one of the antioxidants they contain nutraceuticals, which are effective in eliminating free radicals from our bodies. As a result, increases the body’s immune.

For the kids, honey can be beneficial a lot, for example to stop the bleeding lightly, tipi-thin enough to be smeared on the wound. Moisturizing dry lips, smeared on the lips of children when they are playing. Natural cough medicine, honey + 1 tbsp lemon juice 1 fruit / small lemon, stir well and drink 2 times a day. Prevent bedwetting in children, 1 tsp 1 time a day could help bedwetting habits when sleep. Prevent flatulence, 1 tablespoon + ½ teaspoon mixed wood and drink regularly, to remove the existing gas in the stomach.
honey is also believed to be for the growth of teeth, apply to the child’s gums. For sore throat, 1 tbsp honey + lemon juice 1 orange drink mix and routine 3 times a day.

While the benefits of honey for beauty is to be used as:

  • 1. Honey mask: Apply pure honey on your face and leave on for approximately 15 minutes, until dried. Once dry, rinse your face with warm water.


  • 2. Starred Bath For Skin: To moisturize, soften and make the skin shiny, take with a bottle of honey when you shower. Apply to the skin and pat with both hands until dry. While the pat-nempuk skin, the honey will stick in your skin. Wash the sticky honey used after you finish. And you can enjoy the results with skin that looks beautiful and bright
  • 3. Honey bath: For sweet smell and soft skin, add ¼ to ½ cup of honey in your bath water.


  • 4. Honey scrub: Mix 1 teaspoon honey with a little almond flour into the palm of your hand. Gently rub the face as facial scrubs. Then wash your face with warm water to remove the honey.


  • 5. Daily Face Cleanser: Mix 1 tablespoon honey with a little milk powder in the palm of the hand. Apply on face to remove all dirt and make-up, and then wash thoroughly with warm water.


  • 6. Starred hair: To make your hair shine, mix 1 tablespoon of honey, juice of one lemon, and a little warm water. Rinse your hair with shampoo as usual and then pour the mixture on the hair. Dry the hair in the normal way.
  • 7. Skin Toner: To tighten, soften and moisturize the skin, mix 1 piece of orange peel plus one tablespoon of honey in a blender until smooth. Gently rub the mixture of honey had to face and leave for 15 minutes. Then wash your face with warm water to clean the mixture.

If you want a little trouble, with the tips that we gave above you can create a spa bath products at home. Honey is the product of the most remarkable for beauty which is contained in it useful enzyme, vitamins and minerals. But, before you do the experiment, you should make sure the products you buy honey 100% pure. And for those of you who are allergic to honey, you should not try this recipe.

Eat honey and get all the benefits to your practice are also health and your overall beauty.

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June 17, 2011 8:17 am