Positive Stress

No need to wonder if some of the great artists are often looking disheveled, her face always looked glum as the stress. In certain doses, stress can indeed stimulate the release of hormones that make a person more creative.

One is adrenaline, a hormone that makes people more energetic and someone released during stress. To be able to think creatively, the brain also needs energy so that the release of these hormones can make the brain work more effectively.

Stress can make people be creative is to stress that well organized. In language more easily, we call it as a challenge, “said Dr. Suryo Dharmono, SpKJ.

Naturally, the stress was created to make the functions in the body can work more effectively in certain circumstances. Stress is generally positive with a dose that is not too heavy as it is referred to as eustress.

However, stress can be destructive or damaging if excessive or berkepanjangnan. Such stress is called distress and can lead to suffering in the form of disruption kejiwaaan such as depression, panic, frustration and anxiety.

Eustress can turn into distress if it is not well organized or well managed. For example, when there are challenges, but provides more threat environment and of the individual concerned can not find a way out.

“As a result the person will be stuck, could not find a way out to overcome these threats,” added Dr. Suryo.

Challenges remain in order to trigger creativity and not be a trigger for depression, it can be done is to apply a positive attitude to life. Among such as presented by Dr. Suryo are as follows:
1. Think rationally and objectively
2. Planning for life
3. Accept the things that can not be changed.

While the pattern of life that can reduce the distress is as follows:

1. Get plenty of rest (6-8 hours / day)
2. eat balanced
3. Sports and rekreasi.eluar to address these threats,

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