be Safe on Facebook

facebookNowadays Facebook and others social web can’t be separated from our modern life style, for teenager especially. it’s no doubt that it’s very easy and quick to starting social webs, it only take a few minutes to make an email account and social web account but we usually forgets or not realize that There’s danger await us, when we enjoy sharing and chat on social web.
What are those dangers??

>>make friend with stranger<<

It may be fun that people like us, and added us to be friend, but we can’t deny the fact that we open our self to the totally strangers and it’s an absolutely risky.
We often watch at news there are lot of human trafficking and kidnapping cases started with an relationship with stranger on socials web. A lot of people deny it won’t harm them by saying it’s not dangerous
, the victims are too stupid or innocent, some believe that they won’t be the victims but imagine it if u in the room with all strangers and your
eyes closed. Won’t u worry?
less or more it’s the same, because the reality is there are a lot of users hide their true self by insert a false or fake information and photos of themselves. Many of phedophils using this media to search and attract the victims. The victims are usually innocent and unawareness kid or teenager, beside that there a lot of victims that lose a lot of their money because of cheaters who use a fake profitable business plan.

>> Mean and not-true gossips<<

Have u ever hurts because of gossip? Lies? Or prejudice?
It is really hurt if our reputation and pride is been crushed because of somebody’s lies or gossip.students, their pride often insulted during school times, by bullies or mean gossip. It is a serious issue for the victims, Just in America a recent surveys show that roughly 40% of workers and students have been victim of serious gossip, some of them are depressed and even committed to suicide.
Nah, by uploading our photos and our life experiences on Facebook, we are welcome peoples to comment us. But ironically lots of people may say something bad about us, and sometimes mean. They may even assault our pride by expand serious bad gossips, to make it worse our friends may expand it to our school or work. So it is not easy matter, but a serious issue for our private and emotional needs.
!!! Ways to protect ourselves and kids on facebook!!!
1. Don’t ever put your crucial private information. Likes Phone number, home and school ( office) addresses and bank account number or credit card.
2. Do your best to reject an invitation to meet from the peoples who you don’t really know.
3. Know a lot and seek who your kids making friends with ( it is best to add them to your facebook account)
4. Don’t accept or added the people u don’t know or suspicious
5. If u decide to meet someone that u know on facebook, make sure u have a trustworthy partner and meet at crowded and safe place.
6. Don’t put a sexy of your photos, it may attract people to comment something bad or
7. Be wise to tell your life experience. Don’t tell about your private life matters, examples broken heart, divorce or lonely and etc. Some bad ass love to exploit these situations to gain the victims attention and trust.

Hope You can gain benefits from the tips I wrote. thanks
if any wrong word or something..please to forgive it…
No offence.

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