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susceptible smokers had a stroke

one of the adverse effects of smoking is susceptible of stroke. Studies show people who smoke likely affected by a stroke 10 years earlier than nonsmokers.
Recent studies showed a significant association between smoking and stroke. smokers have an increased risk of stroke caused by blood clots off (ischemic stroke) twice times greater, where as the risk of stroke due to blood vessel rupture (hemorrhagic stroke) four times greater.

Researchers studied 982 stroke patients (265 smokers and 717 non-smokers) between January 2009 to March 2011 in a clinic. Found the average person who smokes exposed by stroke in 58 years of age, while the non-smokers at age 67 years.

“Information from this research provide evidence to back is very important to help people quit smoking,” said Dr Andrew Pipe from the University of Ottawa heart institute.Dr.Pipe said the risk from cigarette causes accumulation of dirt on the inside of blood vessels (atherosclerosis), these conditions provide a greater likelihood of blood clotting.

“Smokers have a greater chance of experiencing complications and recurrent stroke. Patients who suffered a minor stroke 10 times more likely to experience large stroke especially if they keep smoking,” he said. Dr.Pipe also reveal if a person successfully quit smoking make the risk exposed stroke will decreases. If smokers can quit within a period of 18 months to 2 years then the risk strokes almost the same as non-smokers.

stop smoking

Strokes nevertheless referred preventable diseases, namely through several efforts such as quitting smoking, controlling blood pressure, pattern healthy eating and physically active (exercise).