The pros and cons play the game

In this sophisticated era who does not know the word “GAME”?.
Almost all people in the world know the word .And both children and adults to play games.
Then came many statements, some saying “playing games is bad”
some say otherwise.
Here we will discuss these opinions.
Good idea to play games:
1.Play games can improve the pattern of thinking and logic
2.Game can develop insights
3.can we learn foreign languages ??YES,because nearly all games using English and Japanese
4.Make new friends

The bad play games:
1.Bad for eyes health and body of course
2.Forget homework (for the kids of course ^ ^), for adults forget jobs
3.Cant schedule time
4. I do not know anymore, LOL ^ ^

So I concluded in my version of that “playing games that have a value more positive than negative. ”
What your opinion?post your opinion here..Thx

“” if any words or language errors are less willing hearts please understandable “”
Thx ..

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