Tips for Healthy Face Acne Free

Face acne free healthy so it is definitely a key for every woman.

For the face, they are willing to follow even routine maintenance of all prescriptions given by a specialist facial. But without us knowing it, the best ingredients for skin care already available in the kitchen. Grocery list is easy to get anywhere, both in traditional markets to supermarkets.

Most of the material can also be directly applied to the face without the hassle of mashing, filter, or peel it first. Consider the 10 materials and their usefulness.

1. Green tea
Rich in antioxidants and help reduce redness stains. Rinse face with cool Green tea water and dry with a soft towel.

2. Avocado
The best moisturizers are commonly used as a face mask and hair. Can also be used in any part of the body if the skin feels dry

3. Cherry
The fruit is also rich in antioxidants which makes the pores of the skin relaxed and smooth facial hue.

4. Oatmeal
For acne prone skin is inflamed, oatmeal has a function to suppress it. You can also sprinkle in the bath or expose it in the face as a scrub.

5. Papaya
In addition to direct eaten fresh, papaya is used as a mask is very good to open up clogged pores. This is because a high enzyme content.

6. Lemon
Acid content of this fruit is able to whiten your nails, giving a natural sheen to the hair dry and shed their skin uneven.

7. White Eggs
In addition to be the ideal food for breakfast and dietary protein, egg white mask texture and hue can flatten an uneven face.

8. Olive Oil
Oil is popular for those who diet are also great for moisturizing the hair and dry skin areas is uneven.

9. Granulated Sugar
Want to get rid of dead skin cells? These natural scrubs will soften your skin with instant. Combine granulated sugar with Olive Oils and almonds to apricot to varying fragrance. Apply on the lips and dry skin.

10. Honey
In addition to adding vitality while drunk, honey can be a good external treatment. The content of antimicrobial function soothe the skin, moisturize and treat stubborn stains.

2. alpukat
Pelembab yang terbaik adalah sering digunakan sebagai masker wajah dan rambut. Juga dapat digunakan dalam setiap bagian dari tubuh jika kulit terasa kering

3. ceri
Buah ini juga kaya akan antioksidan yang membuat pori-pori rona kulit wajah rileks dan halus.

4. havermut
Untuk kulit berjerawat yang meradang, oatmeal memiliki fungsi untuk menekannya. Anda juga dapat taburi di bak mandi atau memaparkannya di wajah sebagai scrub.

5. pepaya
Selain langsung dimakan segar, pepaya digunakan sebagai masker sangat baik untuk membuka pori-pori tersumbat. Hal ini karena kandungan enzim yang tinggi.

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